Specializing in Open-Source, Standards Based, Distributed Software.

Bit Twiddlers is a software cooperative specializing in the analysis, design, and development of open-source, distributed, internet solutions. While seemingly a mundane and non-important topic, these technologies are at the heart of Internet based companies. We have implemented complete commercial web sites, written and deployed bulk mailers, and provided hardware support for companies that have wanted a small Internet presence.

We are committed to good software development practices in the form of processes and software design and development techniques. We strive to maintain a presence on the cutting edge of technology, especially in the emerging open-source software community.

We believe that the customer has every right to understand and feel good about the process and state of their project. We also believe that an educated customer is the happiest customer. To this end we encourage our clients to ask questions and expect honest answers that are explained at their level of understanding during all phases of the development cycle. When necessary, we have held classes for our customers to educate them in the technologies being used on their project.

What does this mean to you?

If you have an Internet or network based software idea, we are your company. We emphasize the working with customers to define exactly what their vision is ... then we implement it. We emphasize the use of tested and robust open-source, standards based software in our implementations. This has the effect of both reducing the reliance on a single software vendor and reducing the total cost of ownership for the produced solution.

What can we do for you?

Contact either Matthew Harrell or Gordon Miller to discuss what services you need and what we can provide.