Bit Twiddlers Bulk Emailer
We offer a bulk email system designed for companies for sending out targetted messages to subscribers. The system is currently capable of handling up to one million customized email messages an hour. The emailer is capable of scaling to multiple machines in a distributed fashion to meet the increasing needs of your organization.

1+ Million Emails an Hour
The system can be remotely administered through an HTML interface. This interface allows the uploading of mailing lists and targetting files for the specification of recipient templates. These templates are then combined, in real-time, with data from external data sources to provide subscriber dependent emails.

It is a scalable system that is capable of handling arbitrary message rates. This system is only hampered by the number of computers that are available and the size of the network "pipe" to the outside world.

Multipart MIME messages are handled correctly both to accomodate recipients that are unsure about their HTML mail reading capabilities and to facilitate sending attachments.

Personalized Messages
The system enables personalization of email content through replacement of specialized tags within the messages with information specific to a recipient. (i.e. stock portfolio, the person's name, etc). This information can be pulled from either a database or LDAP server.

The system creates and archives accurate logs. The logs are used to refine the performance and security of the system.

The system automatically handles bounced email so that only direct replies are passed through the system to individuals.

Proven Scalable Solution
This system has been designed and is currently used by major corporations for fast and reliable creation and delivery of information to subscribers. The software is still in a development phase with major extensions planned to improve distributability and targetting.


  • 1+ million targetted messages per hour
  • Individually customized email messages.
  • Scalable & Distributed Solution.
  • Secure system. Verified by independent security audits.
  • Customizable Solutions
  • Used by companies like The Motley Fool.
  • Runs on Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. Should work fine on any Unix variant.

If you are interested in our mailing system or want to discuss your targetted email requirements, please contact the Bit Twiddlers at